My definition is this:

September 21, 2014

Here are four common definitions of  “Entrepreneur”  followed by my definition.


A person who founds, organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

Entrepreneurs are innovative they come up with ideas and embody those ideas in high-growth companies without regard to scarce resources.

An Entrepreneur starts and organizes a business, taking risks by investing personally, Entrepreneur’s own the risk of founding and carrying on a business.

An individual who, rather than working as an employee, opens a business and assumes the risk and reward of a start-up venture, idea, product or service. Entrepreneur ‘s are seen as a business leaders & innovators of ideas & processes.

Here is My definition of an Entrepreneur:

All of the above and-  An annoying pain in the ass who will appear totally insane and whose Ideas you think are crazy, until you see traction and then they are “innovative” and you have missed funding round one.  95% of people do not understand a great idea when they see it, as time passes and the Entrepreneurial founder makes iterative progress a few more people see what the idea means (who thought Twitter, Facebook, Uber, IMGUR or “Yo” were cool or innovative when they began) ?  Entrepreneurs are cursed pariahs who launch, fail, pivot, fail, reorganize, fail,….. Until they find the right mix of product, service, team and the circumstances change enough to allow success.

Disruption ! If everyone likes you, you are not on The Path.

Entrepreneurial is NOT about:  Spirit  –  Managerial, Operational, Risk avoidance  –   The Money –  “it’s finished we can go home and relax”  –  Vacation  –   Impossible  –    being accepted.

Entrepreneurs are not “on the bitch train” we go to market, sell, tinker, heads down and wired in to discover our customers needs and exceed them.

Brett Bringardner
Corvus Ventures