“Energy Vampires” consume, producing only enough to get by while seducing and taking money, property, time, effort and spiritual energy from others. “Energy Vampires” are naturally attracted to people who are depressed or having a rough spot in life and they pretend to help and heal a troubled person. Then, after the healing process has begun but is not finished, they start to take. They take your money, “gifts,” pride and self worth. They live on your resources. Once you are depleted and cannot “give them what they need,” they move on to one or more “backups” blaming you for all of their problems and leaving you in much worse condition than when they found you.

AKA- Persons with Borderline personality disorder, They always feel “empty”.

How can you tell if a person is an “Energy Vampire” ?

Here are a few easy tells and research you can do to uncover a Reptile before they destroy you.

This is not meant to single out females, the story applies to both male and female.

Is always “down” because her man “does not understand her;” he only cares about his job and career.

She will tell you that you can help her by being her friend, lover,  and financial supporter when she needs a “small loan”.

When having sex, she will always want to make eye contact, She will lovingly gaze into your eyes as she performs to help your “healing”. This is the “Energy Vampires” secret weapon. Eye contact during intimacy will energize you and grow the neural pathways that make you fall in love.  You will come to need her like an addict needs a fix.

It is highly likely she is a serial cheater and will have mastered technology to keep in touch with her “other world” of backups . Be suspicious if she gets a lot of messages and calls on her phone and takes the phone on a walk or to the store. She will be connected to this other world and will not want to combine phone accounts unless it is in her name.

She will probably have “secret APPS” on her cell phone,which you can discover if you go to Settings-general and look for “Restrictions”. Restrictions was originally set up as a parental control but it can hide many many apps for communicating with her “backup” men, drug dealers Sycophants and can hide other secrets such as images, video and dating sites. These apps do NOT appear on the phone bill except as “data” there is no way to track what and where and who.

“Energy Vampires” are very sexual for a while, then gradually wean you off of frequent sex and use it as a punishment or reward.

You cannot give an “Energy Vampire”  “enough.”  Whether it is time, attention, love, gifts or money, the more you give them, the more they want. You keep on giving until you are drained emotionally, energetically and financially.

“Energy Vampires” are frequently daughters of female alcoholics, addicts or Narcissists. They observed Mother and were exposed to abuse, neglect and early sexualizaton. They frequently have “abandoning fathers,” because Mother Vampire crushed his soul and he was left helpless as Mother moved to “safety,” away from everyone who knows her, to a fresh start and fresh “friends”.

You CANNOT “fix” or save an “Energy Vampire”. The damage done to them in their childhood is deep and profound. They practice massive mental compartmentalization and often have an inability to remember early childhood (pre 8 yrs old) or do not want to express those early memories. They will have been sexualized young, and will frequently have had lovers 5 to ten years older. One Vampire I knew described men her own age as “puppies”.

Many “Energy Vampires” lose their virginity to older men at or before thirteen many times met at one of Mother’s parties or a friend of one of mom’s friends, Mom is often an enabler of the bad behaviour.

The final trap: All Reptiles will use their past as an excuse for their destruction & havoc. “I had such a horrible early life” is a common excuse. They will waste the lives of their husband’s, family, and each backup man in sequence by repeating the same pattern with each: seduce, addict, drain, then move on to the next. Unless an “Energy Vampire” has been in deep therapy with a highly skilled professional for many many years, she is a lost cause for a relationship.