Fresh and Raw is better than Stale and Overcooked

February 25, 2014

Fresh and Raw is better than Stale and Overcooked A wild card in the blogging, question and answer media space?

I have joined almost all of them and eventually stopped, frustrated by over moderation and the tyranny of down voting. Sites like Quora become inbred, stagnant ecosystems filled with like minded individuals. The constant topic deletions, question editing and interference by “Punctuation Nazis” just make it annoying. Imagine if every time you asked a question at a party or gathering some douche stopped every one and made you restate your question with better grammar ! Even worse a person who constantly corrects someone with heavily accented Engrish. The real party killer is when four friends “vote down” your input in a coordinated attack to get you to leave the party, NO THANKS ! I enjoy free flow questions and answers with the uniqueness of the individual asking and answering. Give Me un-polished and stressed-out with the question not some clinical elitist single minded dogma. I hope to see more Startups Anonymous and fewer Quora’s in the future. @kaffegeek


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