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May 3, 2011

“When you have two solutions to the same problem the simplest is better”. “Unless you are female, then the solution is whichever causes more problems”. Brett Bringardner

OnVentures Acquires Talon New Media Ventures

Business Editors, High Tech WritersCOLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 14, 2000 OnVentures, a company specializing in launching businesses in the Internet infrastructure, broadband and wireless sectors, announced today it has acquired Talon New Media Ventures in a transaction valued at $16 million.

Talon owns several eBusiness and enterprise solutions startups.

Todd Mollenkopf, General Manager of OnVentures, said, “Talon has a portfolio of companies that fit nicely into our technology sweet spot. They also have assembled a talented engineering and web development team that will add significant value to our company.”

Brett Bringardner, President and founder of Talon New Media Ventures, said he is joining the OnVentures management team as `Entrepreneur in Residence.’ “OnVentures has the management experience, relationships and access to capital needed to breathe life into our ideas,” Bringardner said. “I can now focus on my strong suit, which is developing new business concepts.”

OnVentures accelerates the prototyping and commercialization of new business models and infrastructure technologies for emerging sectors of the Internet. The company was established in Columbus, Ohio, late last year and is focused on technology development and investment in the Midwest Innovation Corridor.

“Part of our strategy is to foster a concentration of eBusiness talent in Ohio and the Midwest on developing what are truly global opportunities,” said Mollenkopf, an Ohio native who returned to the U.S. after 11 years of business and market development in Europe and Asia. “One way we do that is through codevelopment partnerships with universities and corporations in the region. Another way is by being an effective conduit of capital and support services to local entrepreneurs. Bringing Talon and its businesses into OnVentures is a step in that direction. We provide the administrative services, business guidance, facilities and equipment they need, and they can focus on product development and marketing.”

Talon New Media Ventures is a two-year-old business, also located in Columbus, that has several media-related startups and an Internet design and consulting practice. Talon also has one established business, Talon Microelectronics Inc., a reseller of recycled computers, that is not part of the acquisition by OnVentures. Brett Bringardner will continue to operate that business separately, while channeling his new concepts to OnVentures.

“Through my experience with Talon Microelectronics, I developed a number of ideas about helping corporations track, manage and dispose of their computer assets,” Bringardner said. One result of those ideas is a web-based application called that Bringardner says can save companies a lot of money.

AuditTrak will be brought to market by OnVentures, along with several other Talon New Media businesses now under development. Included in these are, a back-office application for managing auction sites, and, an audio-over-the-Internet service. “With the support OnVentures can provide, I now have a mechanism to transform those ideas into successful businesses,” Bringardner said.

About OnVentures: Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, OnVentures provides capital, facilities, administrative support and specialized management expertise that accelerates early-stage development of new companies and positions them for success in U.S. and global markets. Most of OnVentures’ startups relate to Internet infrastructure, broadband and wireless content distribution — areas where the company’s key managers have extensive experience in the U.S. and overseas. There are presently eight businesses in OnVentures’ core portfolio, including UpRoute, a solution for broadband content management, DreamStreamer, an infrastructure technology for anonymous transactions over the Internet, and MojoConnect, a wireless proximity networking application. The company recently expanded its facilities in downtown Columbus to 57,000 square feet to accommodate the planned growth of its businesses.