The Social Network

October 3, 2010

As a wanna be Net Entrepreneur, (almost made it a few times and still “fighting the fight”,) I have to say the new Film, about the beginnings of Facebook is…. absolutely  fantastic.  It encompasses the entire mantra of the Hacker ethos and focuses the Watcher to observe what the meaning of “intellectual property” IS.

The undeserved winnings and  theft attempts by the “money men” who try and buy intellectual property as if they  “create” when they “take”.

And the crude Crew Oarsmen who believe they can employ genius and then own the soul of the genius Himself, Boo….

Kudos to Justin Timberlake who effortlessly portrays Sean Parker, the Gadfly creator and leeach who created Napster, I do not mean to deny the pivotal role Sean played in the “sparking” of  Mark Zuckerberg, getting him out of the dull and boorish Harvard, and out to the silicon valley Heaven, I just mean Justin Timberlake made “Seedy opportunist” look easy.

Brett Bringardner

Founder (beta)


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