When is a “start up” company not a “start up” ?

March 3, 2010

I believe I have mistakenly called my company a “start up” the correct verbiage is closer to “repositioned” or “Restructured”. I took a hard to sustain business model and through vigorous research, product development and new focus, have taken the company down a new path. A path that generates new “green”jobs and cost savings to our clients.

I went so far as to radically downsize a 7 person, two year old company that had stalled and cut it back to just myself in a 1500 sq ft space. Then critically examined each and every (time / motion), (vendor / client), (practice /procedure) literally every detail Down to how many inches of tape used on a package and toner usage settings on a printer, to save every dime.

Now re-launched, sales are climbing rapidly, new clients are lining up and excited, employment is above eight, and space rented is at 10,000 sq ft and could radically increase. Employment projection in two years if we keep on track could easily exceed 100.

So, to re-frame the question, “if an entrepreneur shuts down something that is not effective, spends a year researching and reworking and then re-launches, is that a “start up” ?????

let me know what you think.

Brett Bringardner






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