Just a short global warming thought

February 10, 2010

One question I would like to see in “global warming” surveys is…” if the planet is warming and it is caused by humans, is that necessarily bad?”  List the possible benefits , be non-apocalyptic.

Brett Bringardner


2 Responses to “Just a short global warming thought”

  1. Excerpted from Dr. Howard C. Hayden’s letter to Lisa P. Jackson (EPA):

    But what would we have to fear if CO2 and temperature actually increased?
    * A warmer world is a better world. Look at weather-related death rates in winter and in summer, and the case is overwhelming that warmer is better.
    * The higher the CO2 levels, the more vibrant is the biosphere, as numerous experiments in greenhouses have shown. But a quick trip to the museum can make that case in spades. Those huge dinosaurs could not exist anywhere on the earth today because the land is not productive enough. CO2 is plant food, pure and simple.
    * CO2 is not pollution by any reasonable definition.
    * A warmer world begets more precipitation.
    * All computer models predict a smaller temperature gradient between the poles and the equator. Necessarily, this would mean fewer and less violent storms.
    * The melting point of ice is 0 ºC in Antarctica, just as it is everywhere else. The highest recorded temperature at the South Pole is –14 ºC, and the lowest is –117 ºC. How, pray, will a putative few degrees of warming melt all the ice and inundate Florida, as is claimed by the warming alarmists?

    • Teresa said

      God created the world for humans – God knew (planned) how humans would use the world – therefore the world will continue to sustain life for as long as God needs it to.

      The Earth has been going through cycles of heating and cooling for hundreds of years – there is no reason to expect this to stop or change now just because a few scientists think they know better than God.

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