Now, in the fullness of time and the considered deliberation of a jury of citzens, Greenberg and Starr are not guilty. All of the fault lies with the Prostitute buyer, Elliot Spitzer. His fanatic persecution of innocent people to claw his way to political power, started this and many other horrendous financial, and tax / job generating failures. After the creator of AIG was forced out by a politician, all succssive decisions and executive hires were made with political reasoning instead of protecting the property of shareholders, many of which were pension funds.

100% of the time in world history, that political and mob rule takes over from the reason companies exist, i.e. to make money for the owners and risk takers, the company and eventually the taxpayers lose.

If your morality is that, everone who creates and builds something of value is a bad person, and you are right in taking it away from them, then expect the net worth of the world and the average citizen to continue to decline.

Brett Bringardner
Marietta oHIo


“Climate change” / “Global warming” whichever you pick, it is looking more and more like a grand Hoax. Just like the delusion of WMD in Iraq for the neocons, the prospect of Gaia heating up is driven mostly by ideology. “Believers” want to change the behavior of non-believers so much, they are blind to the reality.

Just like the math regarding curbside recycling, it is actually worse for the environment than straight forward disposal. And the data from several scientists that shows the “warming” happening BEFORE the carbon rise, meaning cause and effect may well be reversed.
But this is about “belief” and vision, follow them to the promised land and reside in the land of Holy sustainability.